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Buying a property abroad can sometimes seem scary so having a local legal representative/solicitor

Legal representation is highly recommended
Legal representation is highly recommended

to guide you in your purchase in Spain is always recommended. Structuring the purchase properly can not only save you a lot of aggravation but also money in tax.

A legal representative will ensure that all the right checks are done and that the property is safe to buy.

Also ensuring that there are no taxes, outstanding mortgage or other debts owed on the property the day of completion and arranging the change over of water and electric.

They will arrange all contracts and deposit payments between the buyer and seller ensuring completion dates are suited to both parties, also arranging NIE number if required (see NIE and residencia for more information).

On the day of completion the legal representative will go to the Notary office with the buyer in person to translate and guide them through the process, or if a client is not available or does not live in Spain the legal representative can go alone with Power of Attorney.

They will deal with all aspects of the sale from start to finish and if deciding to become a permanent resident in Spain can help with other paperwork such as changing driving licenses, registering for residencia, healthcare and tax.

For all residents and non-residents must complete an annual tax return again this is something your legal representative can deal with.

There are many legal representatives available and many speak both English and Spanish, we work alongside various local legal representatives who can help and advise you or alternatively you can select your own.

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